Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Friday Jan 12th, 2018
Location: The Rugby Tavern (upstairs room),

January is the most popular time of year for people to decide to separate or divorce.   As if the month could get any bleaker!

But don’t despair.  Divorce Club have lined up an event to help you blow out those cobwebs and start the year as you mean to go on – positive, full of great goals for the New Year, ready to meet new friends and dates, start new (or previously loved but long untended) hobbies and have a fun night out.

The evening is upstairs at the Rugby Tavern and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people and have a chat in an informal way, but also if you are a bit shy, there are also plenty of things to do that will help break the ice.

Would you like this new Year to be a squillion times better than this one?  Do you want to set new goals or try something new? Would you like to try a new hobby or find a rewarding way to use your time?

Take the chace to set goals for the new year.  Not just punitive NY resolutions but goals that you actually look forward to acting on!  You can also join the hobby/ volunteering challenge.  Anyone who commits to trying out a new hobby can be part of our special group set up on the night to gee each other up for moral support.  Get pointers on where to start.  Get a deadline to help with motivation!  Don’t even know what to try?  Take a chance on our Try Something New tombola!

Are you ready to date but confused by the world of online dating?

Dating Coach Rachel New will have advice and individual help for people who need help with profiles, pics, messaging and etiquette.  Rachel has run several fantastic workshops which are jam packed with advice and useful tips to help navigate what can be an enormously fun way to spend your time.

Could you do with looking after yourself a bit more?  Finding a more sustainable way of living/ managing stress?

Clinical Psychologist, Isabelle Hung, will help you feel just a little bit more fantastic than you did when you walked in…   She will help you think about your well being issues whether they be work/life balance, stress management, or simply looking after yourself.  Come to our well being corner and feel a bit more human as a result.  We’ve got your back…

Do you feel like you are ready to BE more positive, but still find yourself struggling with all the difficult emotions of divorce?

Come and get some advice, support and exercises to help you in the darker moments.  And remember, just the act of getting out and meeting people can be the best tonic you can have.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – just email [email protected] in advance and we will know to look out for you, or tell us you need some help with introductions when you arrive.  We work hard to make sure everyone is put at their ease.

The nights are long and black, but we don’t have to be – come and enjoy an event to put a New Year spring in your step!

There will be prizes, ice breakers, and no-one leaves empty handed.  Hope to see you all there.

Lucy, Isabelle and Rachel

Buy tickets at the special earlybird price of £11 here: