Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Saturday Oct 21st, 2017 - Saturday Oct 21st, 2017
Location: Rugby Tavern,

September is the second most popular time of year to get divorced, after the long summer holidays. But to help people through the divorce blues, two divorcees have organised an event with a twist: Speed Hating!

The concept is similar to speed dating, but the content is very different. As with speed dating, people pair up and have just a few minutes to talk, but instead of flirting, they talk about their divorce, whether it’s ranting about the ex or just divorce in general.

“Speed hating is a tongue in cheek way of encouraging people to let go of their anger and negative feelings by giving people space to vent, but also by having a lot of fun and meeting others in the same boat”  Dr Isabelle Hung, 35, Divorce Club Founder.


“It’s normal to want to moan about your ex, but divorcees often need to talk about it long after friends and family want to listen! But if there’s one sympathetic ear you’re almost guaranteed – it’s from another divorcee!” Lucy Davis, 41, Divorce Club Founder

The event will also provide proven ways of helping people let go of their anger. There will be a “Divorce Swopshop” where you can swop unwanted gifts/ reminders of your ex, and a large punchbag for anyone who needs to get physical! For those that need a bit more TLC, there are the gentler options of Thai Chi, mindfulness meditation and a massage. A bit of dancing will get rid of any lingering anger…