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      Hi All

      Haven’t been on for a while as its been a bit of a slog working through the various red tape of this plus having the most ridiculous pressure screwed onto me by the STBX.

      The divorce petition is now in and the woman who ‘doesn’t care about money’ has made a claim on every financial order going for herself and for our child.

      Quick questions – I am guessing this is all part of the game ?? And has anyone else experienced this ??



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      Dr Isabelle Hungisabelle

      Hey David

      Sorry for the delay. Just want to let you know that many (but not) of our members have really fallen out over this.

      The lawyer said that things are much better on that side of things now and that even if ridiculous amounts are made, the judge tries to look at what you need and so it does not look good if one is asking for everything. Have a look at her video:

      Let us know how it goes

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