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      Lucy Davislucy

      January 8th will be divorce day – the most common time of the year to get divorced. Let us know if you are one of the many and we will help answer your questions and concerns.
      We’ve all been there.

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      Hi, I’m a few months later with this one. I’m separated about to get a lawyer to sort a separation agreement out. I’m really struggling at the moment. Been in a relationship for 17 years, married for 15 and totally lost my identity along the way. Not doing great mentally or physically anymore. Just need out to breathe again. I should feel better but somehow don’t. Is that normal. This is also my second divorce so I feel like I’m just totally failing in my relationships.

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      1) I wonder if divorce process is the same everywhere and if aflat fee attorney is better (cheaper) than an hourly paid one.
      2) Dear Emma45, you say you should feel better but you don’t… That is normal. You’ve been in a relationship for 17 years, so it wouldn’t be normal to recover from it too soon. But many people go through it. Please try to devote this time to yourself – think, read, do yoga, art therapy, hobby, just keep on going.

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